Monday, November 28, 2011

Mr. Mark Setter & Mr. Mark Softer

Mr.Hobby's Mr. Mark Setter and Mr. Mark Softer are two products that complement each other for water slide decal application. Mr. Mark Setter is an adhesive agent and it prepares the model's surface for decal application. In other words, it's used to make the decal stick better. The first step is to apply the solution to the surface that you want your decal to be applied on. Then place the decal on the surface and adjust accordingly. Once done, wipe off the excess of the solution and wait for it to dry. The best thing about using Mr. Mark Setter is that you can adjust the decal to the position of your liking while the solution is still wet.

The next step is to apply Mr. Mark Softer on the said decal.  Mr. Mark Softer is a solvent agent. This solution is designed to 'melt' the decal to enable it to stick to uneven surface like curved areas and groves of panel lines. Apply Mr. Mark Softer sparingly on the decal and wipe off any excess. Be careful not to apply to much because doing so will destroy your decal. You will notice that the decal will start to wrinkle when the solution is applied, don't worry and let it dry. Your decal will look perfectly fine once it's dried unless you have applied too much Mr. Mark Softer and screwed it up in the process. Because of its melting properties, your decal will look "painted on" when dried.

Some people use either one of these products depending on their need. Since I bought these two together, I use both of them all the time. I find these two products to be indispensable for water slide decals application. Definitely recommended. 

Mr. Masking Sol

Mr.Hobby's Mr. Masking Sol is a masking solution and  it works like a masking tape. The only difference, obviously, is that this masking product is in liquid form. It works best for irregular and non linear surface when it's not practical for masking tape. Like for example the face of a resin figure. The best thing about this product is that it's water soluble so you can thin it with water. Since it's quite thick out from the bottle, I will scoop it out and place it in a paint tray, thin it with water to a desired level and then brush it over the surface that need to be masked. Once dried, airbrush or brush as usual. Wait till the paint dries up, then just peel off the sol, as simple as that.

Vallejo Model Air

I have recently bought two Vallejo Model Air colours for airbrushing. As the name suggests, this is Vallejo's range of paint made for airbrushing. The manufacturer claims that the pigment  is finely grounded compared to its other range. It's an acrylic paint so it's water soluble, great for those who hate the strong smell of solvent paints. From my initial test, I find it to be satisfactory. In my case, I bought two metallic paint, which are gold and bright brass. The name "bright brass" is abit  misleading because I would expect it to be, well, brass in colour. In reality it turned out to be silver with a light tint of gold. For airbrushing acrylic paint, I'll recommend Vallejo Air over Citadel any time.

Friday, November 18, 2011

CKTan Hobby Store

(Sorry for the crummy pictures, this time its all taken with my phone camera)

For those of you who stay around Kota Kinabalu, you can now get your hobby supplies from a new hobby outlet in town, CKTan Hobby Store. These days I buy all my Mr. Hobby paints, Gaianote paints, Tamiya paints and hobby tools from here. To my knowledge and at the time of writing, this is the only specialised modelling supplies shop in KK, and possibly Sabah.

The shop is situated at Link Bridge of Star City. The owner of this shop is CK, a passionate modeller and an avid toy collector who is ever so ready to assist you. Apart from hobby tools, CK also imports and sells airbrush sets, model kits, resin kits, pvc kits and various models/toys which you don't normally find in regular hobby shops. Further, CK has really competitive price to offer too.

Almost all the hobby shops that I frequent in KK sell model kits with very limited selection of paints, if any at all. While getting Gundam kits here will not be a difficult task, getting paints  had always been a problem for me. My problem is now solved with the opening of this shop.

By the way, since it's relatively new, the shop's business hour is still irregular so it is advisable that you drop CK a message before you visit the shop. The details of the shop can be seen from the business card above and you can also visit its Facebook page.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

SD Strike Rouge Gundam

Another kit with a custom colour scheme, the SD Strike Rouge Gundam. I've used the left over mixed paint from the MG Strike Rouge for this kit. The one thing that I really love about SD kits is their big heads. The head of 1/100 kits are relatively small, so I have to get closer to see the details. Whereas for SDs, their heads are so big that you can see the design without much effort, albeit a "deformed" version of the original design.

This kit is originally the SD SWS (Striker Weapon System) Strike Gundam. I've used the Aile pack and paint it as a Strike Rouge. The extra weapons and armour will be used for my other Strike.

I built this SD Strike Rouge simultaneously with the MG Strike Rouge, as what I would normally do if I had both the SD and MG version of the same model. This would be convenient especially if you had some custom mixed colors ready. Besides, working on an SD kit is a good way for me to kill some boredom, its like taking a mini break from the tedious work of MG kit building.

Nice back pack. Again, just like the MG version, its back heavy. Still stunning nonetheless.

Overall, this is a nice kit with an updated SD design. The newer SD kits are like this one, they have longer arms and legs so the kits are more detailed and articulate. Comes with bigger heads too.

I'll be building another SD Strike in the traditional white/blue scheme. Just love the SD Strike Gundam.

I have ordered some decals for this kit and will work on them once I have the mood. At the moment I'm still working on its weapon and shield, they were left undone for many years. Once done, I'll post part two of this baby.

MG Strike Rouge Gundam

This is my fourth MG kit, which was completed in 2004.

 I remembered at that time, Gundam Seed was all the rage. Since I'm not a big fan of Alternate Universe, I don't pay much attention to mechs that are not in the Universal Century era.

 However, there are of course exceptions to this. For me, one of the exceptions is the Strike Gundam.

Strike Rouge is based on the Aile Strike Gundam on a different colour scheme. While the Aile Strike uses the traditional cobalt blue and white scheme, the Rouge, as the name implies, uses red and pink scheme.

This was the first time I mixed and customised my own colour. A little bit daunting at first but it turned out to be fine.

The majority of the armour were painted with custom mixed pink and white paint. The rest was pretty much the original bottled colour.

 Since this was my first time mixing colours, I didn't want to get too ambitious with it so I opted to mix one type of colour only.  I love working with the decals of this kit, awesome design. 

The excess of the custom pink was used on the SD Strike Rouge. This is a well proportioned kit. It comes together with a figure of Cagari as well.

 New joints design is used here, so this kit is very articulate. Comes with the launching pad/stand which is not shown here. I use the Bandai display stand instead. I'm still working on the launching pad.

It has a very nice back pack, its abit back heavy though.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

MG Ingram 1

This is the Master Grade Ingram 1 from the Patlabor series, my 3rd Master Grade model built some years ago. Here, the Ingram is posed with its right hand extended to reach its gun. I forgot to take a closer view from the side where you can see the gun more clearly.

This kit came with minimal weapons, just a revolver and a baton. On the bright side, you get two figures, one pilot in cockpit position and one officer in standing position. Again, I forgot to take a close-up shot of the pilot. If you look closely, you can barely see her head in the above picture (below the Ingram's head). Anyway, I will take some more photos and update this post in the near future.


This is a very nice kit, the design is marvelous and the proportion is good. The original decals that came with the box is very nice and easy to work with. 

The iconic side view of the Ingram.

Being an older MG kit, the Ingram 1 doesn't have the inner frames you would see in more recent MGs. Without the inner frame, this kit is not very articulate. Check out the panel lines, this was the first time I've used the capillary technique to paint panel lines on some parts of the head and torso.

After some time, some parts turned yellowish due to high humidity. You can see some paint chips here as well due to rough handling.

The star on the chest was repainted with black, drybrushed with gold  and then finally coated with  clear coat because I didn't like the orignal shiny gold chrome-like colour that came with it. You will notice that there are some yellow spots on the kit, those are also the result of high humidity in my cabinet. These days, I use Thirsty Hippo dehumidifier to maintain dryness in the display cabinet.


Another angle of the Ingram. Since some parts of the kit had already turned yellowish, I may eventually weather this kit to create a more consistent colour scheme and build a diorama for it.

At this time of writing, I have both the MG Ingram 1 and 2. I hope Bandai will eventually release the Ingram 3 movie version, which in my opinion is better looking than the TV series' Ingram 3.  Great kit, and I will give my recommendation without hesitation especially to Patlabor fans.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

SD Wing Zero Custom

This is SD Wing Zero Custom. I built this kit many years ago after the SD Zaku F2.

The SD Wing Zero Custom has a newer SD design. The older SD kits have single piece arm parts. Needless to say, they are not very articulate.

The ones prior to the latest design are those with upgraded arms and heads, like this kit.

The heads are bigger, more detailed and the arms are movable. The newer SDs are even better with movable arms and legs.

This Wing Zero Custom is a very decent kit. I love the wings.

SD Zaku II F2

This is a super deformed version of the Zaku II F2.

I've used the same colour schemed used in the MG Zaku II F2.

This is one of my favourite SD kit because it is so simple and yet well designed.

I love this kit so much that I have bought many SD Zaku II to be painted with different colour scheme.

There is an older version of SD Zaku II which is simpler and smaller than this one, but not as nice. This one is BB #218.

MG Zaku II F2

This is my second MG kit, the  Zaku II F2 built somewhere in 2002. After I've messed up the GPO3S, I've decided to be more careful on this kit.

For the colours, I've used the traditional green colour scheme with 2 tones only and the painting turned out much better than the GPO3S.

 I love the Zaku's rounded design, it makes 'em big & bad ass.

I broke the both leg's hose during the assembly and apart from that, building this kit was pretty much smooth sailing.

Overall, this is a very nice  kit to work with.

Just bad ass with that menacing look.