Monday, November 28, 2011

Mr. Mark Setter & Mr. Mark Softer

Mr.Hobby's Mr. Mark Setter and Mr. Mark Softer are two products that complement each other for water slide decal application. Mr. Mark Setter is an adhesive agent and it prepares the model's surface for decal application. In other words, it's used to make the decal stick better. The first step is to apply the solution to the surface that you want your decal to be applied on. Then place the decal on the surface and adjust accordingly. Once done, wipe off the excess of the solution and wait for it to dry. The best thing about using Mr. Mark Setter is that you can adjust the decal to the position of your liking while the solution is still wet.

The next step is to apply Mr. Mark Softer on the said decal.  Mr. Mark Softer is a solvent agent. This solution is designed to 'melt' the decal to enable it to stick to uneven surface like curved areas and groves of panel lines. Apply Mr. Mark Softer sparingly on the decal and wipe off any excess. Be careful not to apply to much because doing so will destroy your decal. You will notice that the decal will start to wrinkle when the solution is applied, don't worry and let it dry. Your decal will look perfectly fine once it's dried unless you have applied too much Mr. Mark Softer and screwed it up in the process. Because of its melting properties, your decal will look "painted on" when dried.

Some people use either one of these products depending on their need. Since I bought these two together, I use both of them all the time. I find these two products to be indispensable for water slide decals application. Definitely recommended. 

Mr. Masking Sol

Mr.Hobby's Mr. Masking Sol is a masking solution and  it works like a masking tape. The only difference, obviously, is that this masking product is in liquid form. It works best for irregular and non linear surface when it's not practical for masking tape. Like for example the face of a resin figure. The best thing about this product is that it's water soluble so you can thin it with water. Since it's quite thick out from the bottle, I will scoop it out and place it in a paint tray, thin it with water to a desired level and then brush it over the surface that need to be masked. Once dried, airbrush or brush as usual. Wait till the paint dries up, then just peel off the sol, as simple as that.

Vallejo Model Air

I have recently bought two Vallejo Model Air colours for airbrushing. As the name suggests, this is Vallejo's range of paint made for airbrushing. The manufacturer claims that the pigment  is finely grounded compared to its other range. It's an acrylic paint so it's water soluble, great for those who hate the strong smell of solvent paints. From my initial test, I find it to be satisfactory. In my case, I bought two metallic paint, which are gold and bright brass. The name "bright brass" is abit  misleading because I would expect it to be, well, brass in colour. In reality it turned out to be silver with a light tint of gold. For airbrushing acrylic paint, I'll recommend Vallejo Air over Citadel any time.

Friday, November 18, 2011

CKTan Hobby Store

(Sorry for the crummy pictures, this time its all taken with my phone camera)

For those of you who stay around Kota Kinabalu, you can now get your hobby supplies from a new hobby outlet in town, CKTan Hobby Store. These days I buy all my Mr. Hobby paints, Gaianote paints, Tamiya paints and hobby tools from here. To my knowledge and at the time of writing, this is the only specialised modelling supplies shop in KK, and possibly Sabah.

The shop is situated at Link Bridge of Star City. The owner of this shop is CK, a passionate modeller and an avid toy collector who is ever so ready to assist you. Apart from hobby tools, CK also imports and sells airbrush sets, model kits, resin kits, pvc kits and various models/toys which you don't normally find in regular hobby shops. Further, CK has really competitive price to offer too.

Almost all the hobby shops that I frequent in KK sell model kits with very limited selection of paints, if any at all. While getting Gundam kits here will not be a difficult task, getting paints  had always been a problem for me. My problem is now solved with the opening of this shop.

By the way, since it's relatively new, the shop's business hour is still irregular so it is advisable that you drop CK a message before you visit the shop. The details of the shop can be seen from the business card above and you can also visit its Facebook page.